Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glass Slide Pendants

I've learned a new skill for my crafting arsenal. Soldering.

Side 1

Shopping around on Etsy I had seen some really neat pendants made out of glass slides.  Immediately I wanted to learn how to make them.   Once I looked up the directions I shyed away from the project because I didn't know how to solder.  Still, every few weeks or so I'd see another pendant and the desire to make them returned.  Finally, I caved and decided to teach myself the technique.

I found a question and answer forum on the internet where somebody else had asked about making the pendants. In the responses was a link to Fusion Bead's technique section, which had full directions not only for the pendant project, but for soldering too. These really are the best directions I've found for this project, so if you're interested in trying it, follow the one's they've posted.  I doubt I could improve upon them.  While you're there, check out some of their other jewelry techniques and projects.  Lots of great inspiration and tons on photos to help you out.

For a little less than $20 you can get a complete soldering kit from Michaels or JoAnn's that has the metal tape needed, the soldering tool, and the lead-free solder that doesn't require additional flux.  I also found the glass slides at both stores in the scrapbooking section near the embossing supplies.  There are a couple different sizes of slides, but I chose the 1" square ones for my pendants.  They come in a pack of 24 for around $6.

Side 2

A note about the soldering tool: It looks just like the wood burning kits, but the tips are different.  Make sure you get one that has the tips specifically for soldering. Some of the wood burning kits have them and some do not. I already had a wood burning kit, so I just bought the solder for my first pendant.  By the time I was done, I had melted half of the tip off my tool (It's a wonder I didn't burn the apartment down) because the metal was too soft to use with the solder.

Also, this is a project about patience.  I'm still working to get my soldering even around all my edges.  While I am improving, it took about 2 hours each to finish the pendants above. (Soldering that jump ring on is also not as easy as pictured.)  It's not something that is "hard" to do, but it does take practice. So take your time and don't get frustrated. Besides, the reward is worth it.  Who wouldn't want a beautiful, personalized pendant?

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