Thursday, August 11, 2011

Project Yard Sale

Oh my lovely blog!  How I've missed you!  But I have been super, duper busy.  Mostly with work, but also with trying to round up various amounts of pure STUFF to throw in the yard sale, which happens to be this coming Saturday.  I am particularly proud of this yard sale because my powers of persuasion fueled it's very existence.  Nick and I live in an apartment complex that has some very unusual rules, one of which is that you aren't allowed to sell anything in a public setting.  Meaning, there's no way they'd let us schlep our crap down to the nearest corner and hold our own yard sale. (I have actually witnessed a staff member politely tell one of our neighbors to take the "For Sale" sign out of his vehicle, they are that strange about selling things on their property.) 

After 2 years of living here though, we are in desparate need of a clean-out. I used my powers of Facebook-fu to suggest the idea in the community forum for the apartment complex.  A few other residents chimed in that they'd like to have a yard sale too, and then the office got behind it.  We are now having our very first community yard sale, with set-up space, marketing, and tables provided by the apartment complex!  Saturday's weather forcast looks great too, so it should be a FANTASTIC day.  I'm so excited.

On top of the normal kind of household items you find in a garage sale, I'll be selling a bunch of my jewelry too.  Hopefully that will bring in some extra funds and spark some interest in my beading classes. One can only hope...

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