Friday, October 28, 2011

Evil Halloween Cupcake!

Ever have one of those ideas to make something that you think will be totally awesome and then you can't seem to execute it in a way that matches the vision?  That's what's happening with my Halloween costume this year.

A cupcake.  It doesn't seem that hard to make.  Slap together a base, find something to represent frosting, bingo and done!  But $40 and 3 pairs of stuffed pink tights (which took about 4 hours to do) later I'm having my doubts as to how cupcake-esque this fabric monstrosity actually looks.  Maybe in some abstract way it sorta, kinda, maybe looks like a cupcake if you squish it and tilt just a little to the left?  Hopefully?

And then there's the fact that 75% of the way through construction, one who is annoyed enough stops to Google "Cupcake costume" and finds that she could purchase one for the same price from Target ready-made.

Epic DIY Fail.  *sigh*

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