Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Secret Project Revealed and a bunch of side bar projects to go with it

Back in December I told you I had a big project I was working on.  Remember?  If not, just scroll down a bit.  Should be in the last post before this one.  (I know, I'm a slacker.) Any-who... she is!

Nick and I are both so excited.  We've been waiting to share the news on the blog until we were a little more sure that things were going smoothly.  Of course, if you're one of my readers you probably already knew about the baby, but who cares?  It's just one more place I can be super excited for all the world to see.  (It is my blog after all.)

This kid also opened up a whole new world of crafting possibilities too, so I've been having tons of fun diving into them one at a time.  For starters (being the cheap-skate that I am)  I've been sewing my own maternity clothes.  I can't get enough of the tutorials on diymaternity.  I've made myself 3 tops and 2 pairs of jeans using the great instructions on her site, and it's saved me a TON of money.  My pieces were purchased at goodwill for a whopping total of $10.  Yes...for all of them.  Beats getting one pair of maternity jeans from the motherhood store for $90!

I've also taken a turn at screen printing.  The idea came from a design I made for a t-shirt.  I tried the iron-on transfers, but I hated the way it turned out.  After washing it once the whole picture pulled off the shirt, but the design is far to complicated to paint on by hand with fabric paints.  So, I did some research and screen printing was my solution.  Being it was my first time playing around in this medium I did make a major mistake and ruined the intended design for that particular shirt, so it's still a work in progress.  I did however, make a sweet onsie that I can't wait to put on my kiddo.

Guess What?  Chicken Butt! (Still makes me smile every time.  I'm such a dork.)

Other onsie crafts followed the success of the Chicken Butt shirt.  The most time intensive, and still very cute Ruffle Onsie Dress inspired by barefootinthekitchen.

I'm happy with the way it turned out, but I was a little disappointed with some of the construction. The way the skirt is attached to the onsie, it puts a lot of stitching on the front side.  It's hard to see in the photo, but trust me it's there.  I've seen photos where others covered this with ribbon sashes and fabric flowers, so I may add some more embellishments.  I haven't decided yet.  My favorite part though probably has to be the fabric I used.  I already made a skirt for myself using the same fabric so baby and I can match as soon as she gets here!

We're getting a little lengthy, so I'll save the next couple of projects for another post.  Ta-Ta for now!


Sandra said...

ooh a big congrats to you both, it's so exciting to wait for the newborn,
and you already made some nice little cute things for the little one. Wishing you all the best, hugs from Sandra

Kellie said...

I'm a dork too because I love the Chicken Butt onesie!