Monday, June 28, 2010

Derailed by disasters

Alas, I am failing at keeping my crafty commitments. Life has just gotten in the way.  Not quite 2 weeks ago we had a major plumbing break in our apartment building, which led to a giant flood of sewage coating our bathroom for about 3 whole days before it was fully fixed. (Yuck does not begin to cover it.) No sooner did we get that cleaned up and Moose became ill.  The vet has diagnosed him with a bacterial infection (hmm...wonder where he could have picked that up from??) He is going to make a full recovery after a course of antibiotics, but the accompanying vomit and diahrrea with a semi-house trained dog has been less than fun. Needless to say, this has literally been a (pardon the french) shitty couple of weeks.  My heart is just not into my projects, and now thanks to the new veterinarian we visited, neither is my pocketbook. But things are looking up because Thursday is pay day and hopefully I'll get back on track for next week. I've got a sewing project I want to show's a nifty little roll up pouch to keep your knitting needles in. Very simple, but very functional. 

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Celestya22 said...

Sorry to hear about your bad weeks! Hopefully everything will get better from here on out.
I can't wait to see your pouch! I've been bugging my sister (the fashion design graduate aka the sewing machine owner) to make me one for months now! I keep hemming and hawing over the ones on etsy.