Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More baking!

This past weekend my boyfriend celebrated his 27th birthday.  Being the good girlfriend I am, I decided to make him a cake. It was 90 degrees in our apartment before turning the oven on, I was under threat of out-of-state relatives arriving at my door any second (with no prior plans of doing so), and I had never attempted to decorate with fondant, which was the planned design for the cake. Safe to say, things had the potential to go horribly wrong...but THEY DIDN'T! YAY!

I used the Wilton Ready-to-Use white rolled fondant.  It was "okay" tasting, but you could definitely tell that it came from a box.  Now that I know how it's supposed to behave, I'll try making my own next time. It was super easy to use though.  I think I had a harder time trying to find counter space to roll it out than I did making the shapes I wanted.  As you can see in the photo I also had no problem coloring the fondant either. It works up like really stiff cookie dough.  You just punch out the shapes you need using cookie or fondant cutters and "glue" the pieces together using a little bit of water. It was fun.  You should try it too.

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Celestya22 said...

It looks absolutely fantastic! I love the circles with the stars on them and the bumped up 27. Hope you had a great day!