Monday, May 24, 2010

It looks right...

Here's the status of my knitting adventure after 2 weeks working on and off:

It looks really funny because my needles are too short for the amount of stitches I have cast on, but it's still turning out decently. The edges are horribly uneven and I'm pretty sure the gauge is way off, but I don't really care about that for this project.  I can always crochet an edge around it to make it bigger if need be, or if I royally screw it up it'll make a nice blankie for my pup.

I've only had one major melt down so far, having to rip out about 4 rows of stitches after noticing 6 individual stitches (right in the middle of the work) were completely backwards.   There were many tears, and even more cursing, but eventually after enough ripping I got lucky and managed to put the stitches back on the needles in the right direction. Really...I had no idea what I was doing.  I just knew I needed 84 stitches on my needle and started slopping them back on.  When I started knitting again to see if I did it correctly, it turned out to be right. So it's safe to say, this project is going better than all past attempts considering I've gotten this far and only cried once.

Today I've been messing around with some scrap yarn and another set of needles, checking out knitting videos online.  I think I've gotten the hang of doing increases, and I even tried out using some double pointed needles for knitting in the round.  I want to make this sweater for my miniature dachshund eventually, so I'll need to practice those skills.

Wish me luck!


Celestya22 said...

It's looking great!! Sorry to hear about the tears. Way to go on fixing it and sticking with it though! Fixing knitting mistakes is the worst part of knitting, imo.
Oh, if you're looking for some fantastic video guides for different stitches check out

Can't wait to see that sweater on your pooch! Too cute!


Kacie said...

LoL. That site is already in my favorites list! She's great. Thanks for the encouragement too!