Monday, May 17, 2010

Knitting for a cure

This past week has been hijacked by a monstrous head cold. The current week is not holding much more promise. Still, I craft on. In an effort to keep myself immobile, while still being entertained (of course this is the week our cable decides to crap out) I have decided once more to try and learn how to knit.

I can crochet fairly well and all other attempts at knitting have been thwarted due to the fact that it takes me so freakin' long to get to the same point in a project.  What I can knit in 2 hours, I could probably crochet in 30 minutes.  I get frustrated and then switch formats.  But not this time.

Here is what I am attempting to make (sans chair...although that would be nice):

If you want to learn more about the project, it's the "Plush Throw" on Lionbrand yarn's website.  It's a free registration, but that's the only way to access the actual pattern.

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Celestya22 said...

ooo nice project. That'll take awhile.