Monday, February 14, 2011


It is Valentine's day.  You'd think I'd have cutesy heart-shaped notions for you to create and share with all of your loved ones, but...I don't.

I could tell you that my car overheated today on my way home from work, leaving long giant poofs of white smoke trailing in my wake. Or, I could tell you that I haven't crafted anything new because I'm diligently working to FINISH projects that have been hibernating in the closet.  Or, I could tell you that I'm suprised to be blogging at all because my keyboard tray has decided it no longer wishes to be attached to my desk, and I can't seem to find any screws to replace the ones that have fallen out.  I could tell you these things, (which all happen to be true) but they are still excuses.  I just don't have a Valentine's project.  And now I am going to eat a giant slice of chocolate cake and ponder if there will be a project for next week...

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