Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baby Crafts IN ACTION!!!

Over a year ago I shared some cute baby outfits I had made for Avery. I thought it was time I shared some photos now that she can actually use them.  First up is the Onsie-to-Baby Dress.

And here it is on Avery. (Forgive me, this post will NOT be filled with my photography greatest-hits.)
Gotta love that fuzzy fly-away baby hair! (Why is it cute on her and not on me?)

It looks super cute but I have a couple issues with it. First, I made the skirt just a tad too long. It doesn't seem like it in the 2nd photo, but it has a tendency to get in her way when she's learning to crawl. The 2nd and third issues I have with it are related to my own errors in judgment. This needs a much higher quality of onsie to support the extra fabric, so that's something I'd change if I make another. Also, it seemed pregnancy brain hit when I created the bottom hem on the ruffle. Instead of encasing the edge inside the hem (fold it once, fold over again, then stitch) I folded it once and stitched it all down.  This meant after I washed it once the edge is coming unraveled.  As a result, Avery has only worn this outfit the day these photos were taken. It's an easy fix, but I just haven't taken the time to do it.
The next project was the chicken butt onsie:
 I still love this one! The only thing I'd change (like the other project) is to use a higher quality onsie. Still...a cute little outfit to scoot around the house in.


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