Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Washing Cloth Diapers

Nick and I are expecting a new little one in mid January.  This has given me an excuse to bulk up our cute diaper stash since Avery won't be finished with her clothies before her new little brother or sister arrives. (How's that for a twist since the last time I've made a post?!) I've been cruising around the interwebs researching our options since I'd like to try something different than our pocket diapers.  I love our pockets!  Really, I do!  But they were too big on Avery until she was nearly 5 months old so I'm trying to develop a new system that we can use right from the second we bring our 2nd home. During all my research on all the cloth diaper boards, a common question emerges from folks looking into trying out CD'ing..."How do you wash these things?"  So I made a video showing you the step-by-step process that takes place in our house!  It's a little lengthy, but I wanted it to be super informative, so I hope it helps!

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