Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ready, Set...go??

No project this week, but I am going to tease you with things to come. I’ve decided to do a Melt-and-Pour mini-series for the month of April. The only problem with this plan is that my first project in the series is for Easter. Not that Easter is a problem, but that Easter falls on a Sunday and my project, should I post it on its appropriate date would appear after Easter is over. Since that would be major fail, Melt-and-Pour month is going to start next week so you have time to make the yummy goodies for the kiddies’ Easter baskets. By now you’re probably thinking, “Umm. Okay. Tell me what we’re making already.” So here it is:

Week 1- Molded chocolate Easter lollipops

Week 2-Soy container candles

Week 3-Homemade lip balm

Week 4-Sunflower glycerin soap

I can’t wait! See you next week!

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