Monday, March 15, 2010

Tweet! Tweet!

I realize last week’s roses may have been a bit of a challenge, so I’m tackling a project that is MUCH easier this week. As spring inches closer and closer I realized it was time to get the patio ready again. It’s one of my favorite spots to relax and read a great book during the summer, so I try to make it as pretty as possible. The first thing I did was fill up the bird feeder. Within an hour I started seeing finches flying around the porch gobbling up the good stuff. Surprising, since I hadn’t expected to see one for about another month. (I live in Michigan, so it’s still a tad chilly around here this time of year.) I instantly wanted more of those cute little birds around so I decided to decorate with a new bird house.

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can get a kit and build your own house. I opted for the lazy route and purchased mine pre-built. Don’t want a basic, boring, bird house? They now make them in several shapes and sizes to accommodate the décor in your garden or patio. You can even get a house shaped like a pirate ship. How fun is that?

Once you’ve selected your house, grab some acrylic paints (and if you like a clear sealer for an extra layer of protection) and go to town! This is a great project on a rainy day with the kids too. The birds may or may not use the house, depending on their nesting preferences, but it’ll still add a nice touch of color to the porch. I think I may paint a second one…

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