Friday, January 7, 2011

Sick = Knitting

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  My Christmas was fantastic, but unfortunately a couple of my relatives were or had been ill recently.  My body is a natural sponge for any type of germ that exists in a 100 foot radius around me, so of course 2 days afterward, I've been stricken with not one of the worst, but certainly one of the most obnoxious and persistant colds I've ever had. This is not all bad though.  Being ill forces you to stop and do something quiet in between all the naps, so this is what I've done. 

I'm starting to learn a color technique called Intarsia. This is the first practice swatch I've made.  Looks like a dachshund to me! And since that's the chart I was working from, it's good that that's the way the picture turned out. : )  It's pretty challenging, and definitely a lot of work, but can make a lot of basic projects look much nicer.  I'm going to keep practicing, since I have a couple of projects in my ravelry que that call for this technique.   It should be an adventure...

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