Thursday, April 28, 2011

A New Spin on Yarn

(If that title hasn't been used a million times already...)


I'm trying out a hobby that is new to me, but is in fact very old.  So old that most folks don't even do it any more.  I'm trying spinning. Not the sweaty kind where you're surrounded by a bunch of strangers on stationary bikes at the gym, but the yarn-y kind where you turn fiber into something you can knit with.

It is a lot harder that all those online videos that I've been watching make it out to be, but I did manage to create a horrendous-looking  yarn-like creation last night on my 2nd attempt with the new drop spindle. (We're not going to even talk about the first attempt.  Let's just say it involved a lot of words that sweet little ladies aren't supposed to say and a certain dachshund who thinks he's starved for attention.)

I whole-heartedly blame the ladies of "My Other Hobby Swap Group" on Ravely for this new interest. Especially Becca, who makes things like this, which make me want to drool over my keyboard every time she posts a photo of her spinning: could you NOT want to knit something out of yarn that pretty. (P.S. She's got an etsy shop here.) I am determined to make something I can knit with, so I'll keep practicing and show you another picture when I deem the yarn worthy enough.

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Sandra said...

Wow, that I find very brave of you, I'm always amazed when I see other people's self spun and dyed yarn. Keep on trying and I know you will succeed.
Grtz Sandra