Monday, August 30, 2010


This weeks project was very much unplanned.  I was shopping my way through JoAnn's and found a set of Speed Stix on clearance for $3.  They usally retail at the same store for $10.99, so at 3 bucks they were begging to be adopted.  If you're not familiar with Speed Stix, they are an insanely large set of knitting needles. (US size 50 to be exact.)  Here's a picture: 

I threw in that bottle of nail polish to help give you a size reference. Suprisingly enough, they're not heavy for their size and are actually quite comfortable to use.  And because they're so big, the knitting goes really fast too.  I used 3 strands of Lionbrand Woolease solids to make this shrug.  It looks terrible on a hanger but is really cute when you have it on.  I'm not agile enough to hold my phone at arm's length and get a decent picture while it's on my body, so this photo will have to suffice. 

I sat down and watched 2 movies and had the last stitch fastened off about 10 minutes after the second flick finished.  The only change I'd make is that I'd cast on a few more stitches so that I'd get longer "sleeves".  These hit just about elbow length, and I'd prefer them a little longer.  If you'd like to try the pattern for yourself click here.  It is from lionbrand's website, so you will need to register in order to view the directions.  The pattern name is Cocoon Shrug.

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