Monday, August 23, 2010


Well there it is.  Incredibly ill-fitting, with a horrendously ugly pointy toe section, a whole and complete sock made by me.  The very first one.

There will not be a match created for this one, but I now understand the basic construction for the various parts in a sock pattern, so the lonely fella has served his purpose. I can split the stitches for the heel section and I've also figured out that I need to learn kitchener's stitch for a flat toe.  I purposely choose a yarn and needles which were much too big for the pattern, just so I could SEE the stitches in order to learn what I was doing.  I look forward to working with much thinner (and tinier, more frustrating) sock yarn for a pair that will actually fit.

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Celestya22 said...

congrats on your first sock! It looks great to me. That is one knitting hurdle I've still not jumped yet :)